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How to create stronger relationships

Relationships are a key part of our lives. They bring happiness and support, but at times they can become too hard to manage. Particularly when we encounter problems, it can be difficult to know where to turn to and it becomes harder to express how we really feel. People deal with relationships issues in various ways, arguing, shutting down, blaming each other, leaving.

Communication is often a challenge in couple and the lack of it can lead to a sense of emptiness and loneliness for both partners. It might feel like there is no longer any warmth or closeness in the relationship, that there is no room to improve things and they are at the end of it.

There is not a magic formula to make things work, however, finding better ways to communicate to each other can sometimes help to view issues from a different perspective, can also bring both partners to work together with a better understanding of each other and this often leads to strengthen the relationship.

Here few points to consider to create and keep the relationship strong:

  • Listen – Learn to listen, see your partner for who they are not who you would like them to be
  • Connect – Pay attention to what your partner needs
  • Communicate – Express yourself clearly and thoughtfully without raising your voice when the partner disagrees or has a different opinion
  • Compassion – Be kind and supportive towards yourself when things don’t go the way you wanted to

Easier said than done, right? Communication is often a challenge within couples, you are not on your own.

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