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Slide ‘ The journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step’ Lao Tzu

Thank you for being here

I am curious to find out more about what you might be looking for.
There is not a ‘right time’ nor a ‘valid reason’ to start therapy, sometimes it can be difficult to take the first step while you are wondering how therapy could help you, if at all!
Maybe you have been thinking of trying counselling but postponing making that call. You might be curious and yet, finding hard to reach out for help.
Perhaps you are going through a challenging time or feeling anxious, under the weather, worried for the future. You might find yourself in relationships that start well but end following the same patterns and, no matter how much effort you put in them, you are left with many un-answered questions, discouraged, confused.
If any of the above resonates, I offer private therapy sessions for adults, on a long or short-term basis where you will feel valued, respected, listened to.


Why Therapy, Why Now?

I see clients from all walks of life who approach therapy with a wide range of presenting challenges including difficulties in their relationships, stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks.
Some clients come to see me with the feeling of burnout and exhaustion due to pressure and challenges at work, confusion about what they might want in life.
At times clients feel there is something that does not ‘feel right’ and they want to understand more about themselves.
Other issues I will be able to support with are low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, a sense of ‘not-belonging’ in life, the difficulty of a separation, grief, loss of loved ones, accepting body changes due to serious illness or injuries.

Counselling provides an opportunity to talk to a trained professional about concerns and issues that might be difficult to share with family and friends. It is a chance to feel supported, gain insight and make positive changes.

In short, if you are finding any aspect of your life challenging, therapy is an option for you.

My aim is to help you to explore challenging thoughts, feelings, and life situations to support you to find a way forward.

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