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What can therapy help you with?

There are times in our lives when for different reasons we feel overwhelmed, thoughts become hard to manage and confusion, worry, often despair take the lead and we doubt things will ever change. During these times additional help is needed, sometimes friends or family can be of support, however there are moments when an external support could be a better option.

Struggling with any aspect in your life, individually or in your relationships is something that therapy can help you with.

Why people approach therapy?

  • Sometimes external events can trigger feelings of Losing control, Sadness, Anxiety, Depression, we become unable to make productive decisions losing clarity of where our life is going
  • Some people go through Relationships and Sexual problem, Infertility and Family challenges, Career changes, Illness and Accidents, Divorce, bereavement and Loss of people they love
  • Often there is not a specific reason and yet people feel Unhappy, Stressed, Nostalgic, Insecure, generally under the weather, find themselves crying without obvious reasons. They recognize they should be grateful for what they have but these uncomfortable feelings persist, and it’s hard to understand why
  • Others approach therapy to manage issues like Low self-esteem, Lack of confidence, Eating disorders, Panic attacks, Mood swings
  • There are also times when people want to find meaning and purpose in their lives and understand more about themselves

Of course, asking for help in these moments can be extremely difficult, it might seem almost easier to suffer in silence rather that ask for support. The decision to take that first steps can be challenging but the benefits can also be very rewarding.

You don’t have to do all on your own. Remember, you have a choice!

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