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Life after lockdown

We’ve managed to get through two lockdowns, survived with restricted personal movements, not able to visit friends and family for a very long time. For those lucky enough that had the luxury to work from home, literally everything happened inside those 4 walls. No wonder why all this, became the “new normal” rather quickly.

18 months down the line and, what is happening now?

Life doesn’t seem to be back exactly to the one we used to have. Today we must deal with masks, vaccines (Yes – No – Maybe…), we are required to be in the same room with others but must know how to keep distances, we worry about the consequences of Brexit, the carbon emission, the future of our planet. Many people have lost their jobs in between and those who still have one, are finding themselves with more responsibilities than ever before only, with the same salary at the end of the month. We are required to be more present at the office so to the already very busy schedule, here we are, let’s add commuting and travelling costs to the picture. AH, the joy of commuting in a city like London! How many of us find that being on a packed train (perfectly normal until February-March 2020) feels now just…too much? For some, being close to people after months trying to avoid them, feels like an invasion of their own personal space.

People are still dealing with a great deal of worries, fears, anxiety.

What is it that we wish in our lives in terms of work/life balance, romantic relationships, friendships, family, for our health and wellbeing?

Is there more to life than work, commute, work long hours – often without a break because “there is so much to do” – go home, eat, watch TV, sleep and ….repeat all over day after day?

If you found yourself dwelling around similar thoughts and questions, you are not alone. Re-adjusting to the “new normal” is a process that we are trying to learn and might take time, for some more than others.

Here 3 simple tips that help me to stay focused:

  1. EXERCISE. No matter how tired, busy, overwhelmed I might be, I find at least 15 minutes each day to get some fresh air and go for a walk or some form of exercise.
  2. FOOD AND WATER. It is amazing how being hydrated and nourished with the right nutrients can support my body and immune system too.
  3. TALK. Sharing how I feel helps me to release tension and to put things into perspective.

How are you copying with life after lockdown?

If this subject resonates with you, allow yourself to stop and think about what could help you to improve your current situation, mental health, and wellbeing. It is ok to ask for help when needed.